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Arla Professional Pizzatopping grated cheese 21 % 2 kg and Pizzatopping cheese 22% 2.3 kg


Mild flavoured Arla Professional Pizzatopping grated cheese and Pizzatopping cheese are perfect for pizzas, gratins and baking. When baked, the light colour of the cheese browns easily, giving it a delicious look.
Pizzatopping cheese comes in 2.3 kg blocks and has excellent grateability. When grating cheese for a pizza, for example, the cheese is at its freshest straight from a block.

Arla’s extensive range of cheeses

Arla’s range of cheeses has expanded, providing ideal solutions for several cooking purposes. The range includes many types of pizza cheeses. Gouda, for example, suits the currently popular bianco pizzas very well.
For burgers there is a selection of tempting cheddar and blue cheeses, also in ready-sliced form. The Mediterranean Apetina® cheeses are suitable for salads and different types of cooking.
 Lactose free fresh cheeses have been developed for all kinds of cooking and baking, including cheese cakes.
 Arla has a comprehensive selection of sliced cheeses for breakfast, buffets, as well as for filling  sandwiches and rolls.

Arla grated cheese

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