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Arla Pro Mozzarella

Every morsel is perfect

Arla Pro Mozzarella muru is a new and succulent diced cheese for pizzas and gratins. The ready diced mozzarella is very versatile and absolutely perfect for pizzas. It’s easy to spread and melts beautifully whilst retaining its pale colour. It also has a mild and delicious flavour.

How to make a perfect pizza cheese?

- Delicious flavour is the most important feature in a pizza cheese, as in all cheeses, says Arla Foodservice Marketing Manager Mia Kettunen. With pizza cheese versatility and ease of usage are emphasized along with the way it melts in the oven, its texture and feel in the mouth.

Mozzarella is undeniably the king of pizza cheeses.

The all round usability and various shapes of mozzarella guarantee the best possible option for every user. Mozzarella is classic, balanced and reliable. It works well as the single cheese on a pizza or can be used to enhance the flavours of other cheeses and ingredients.
Arla is the leading producer of mozzarella in Europe

 - We invest a lot in mozzarella product development. The cheese is manufactured in two factories, in Rodkaersbro and Branderup, which are specialised solely in mozzarella production. From there it is delivered to prominent mozzarella clients, Mia Kettunen continues.

 This procuct is available on 1.9.2019.

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