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Welcome to the world of Eldorado!

Eldorado is a diverse product line made for Finnish tastes, where high quality meets a reasonable price. The product family consists of a wide range of high-quality household and food products. See our wide selection!

Eldorado is a Nordic brand that was chosen to relieve the food situation in war-ravaged Europe by importing canned goods, particularly canned fruit. The name “Eldorado” was a natural choice for the brand, as it was possible at the time to get canned fruit only from South America, “the City of Gold” – El Dorado. The Eldorado brand was introduced in Finland more widely in 1968, when the brand was expanded to feature other product groups in addition to canned foods.

Today, Eldorado offers a wide and affordable selection of high-quality products made for Finnish tastes. Eldorado’s blue and yellow label is a guarantee of quality and low price.

Product quality and consumers’ reactions to the products are closely monitored through feedback. We use consumer feedback to improve the quality of existing products and to develop new ones.

Banderos products for a Tex Mex kitchen

Our selection also includes the delicious Banderos Tex Mex products.

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