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Effects of Spanish weather conditions on vegetables in the coming days and weeks (fin)

Competitive edge with the processed products of the fresh produce cutting plant

Wihuri Fresh Cut machine and hand-cut fresh produce and further processed vegetables make your day-to-day business easier.

The fresh produce cutting plant in the logistics center of Wihuri's Metro wholesale produces machine and hand-cut fresh produce and further processed vegetables. Wihuri Fresh Cut processed products will make your day-to-day business easier and provide a delicious chance to stand out from the competition.

The starting selection includes e.g. ratatouille and wok-mix ingredients. The selection will have about 100 products and is updated according to the season. In addition to our high-volume products, we can also deliver smaller batches and tailored products more flexibly and at competitive prices. 

Wihuri Fresh Cut products are delivered to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area with a fast 12-hour delivery and elsewhere in Finland with 24-hour delivery.

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