What is Wihuri's Metro wholesale?

We are one of the leading wholesalers of daily goods in Finland. We serve a wide range of customers in the HoReCa, public administration, retail trade and service station sectors, reliably and with expertise. We have more than a century of experience with the diverse wholesale business.

Asiantuntevaa palvelua lähellä sinua

Wihuri Oy Aarnio Metro today

We are a nationwide daily goods wholesaler that has a strong local presence with its Cash & Carries, nationwide distribution network and a sales organization that covers the whole country and is tailored with the customers' needs in mind. We serve more than 30 000 customers every day.

Our product selection includes about 25 000 products: fresh produce, frozen foods, processed foodstuffs, brewing and alcoholic beverages, and non-food products. Wihuri's Metro wholesale acquires products either directly or through Tuko and Finnfrost from one of our 700 partners.

Our market share in the daily goods sector of the wholesale business is about 23 per cent. Our turnover was approximately 460 million euros in 2016. We employ about 390 people, who are all experts in their own fields.

Business idea, vision and values

Wihuri Oy Aarnio Metro's business idea is to be a customer-oriented, nationwide, full-service wholesaler of daily goods.

Our business is based on Wihuri Group's common values of openness, reliability, innovativeness and profitability. They define our commitment to our customers, employees, shareholders and the community. The things that the people working at Wihuri have in common are strong expertise, diligence and taking pride in their work.

Our vision is to be the most reliable partner in the Finnish wholesale business. Our aim is to make our customers' day-to-day business easier through every step of the supply chain. We are constantly developing our operations in order to provide solutions to our customers' changing needs.

Corporate values are:
OPENNESS- We strive to foster respect and openness in the Wihuri work environment.
RELIABILITY - We treat customers fairly, so that they know they can trust us.
INNOVATIVITY - We find solutions to the problems of a rapidly changing world by developing both our internal and external processes.
PROFITABILITY - We work for the achievement of long-term profit growth to ensure prosperity and well-being of the Group.

Avoimuus, luotettavuus, innovatiivisuus, kannattavuus

Oiva reports for Metro Cash & Carries

Wihuri's Metro Cash & Carries are part of the Oiva food safety control, and the latest Oiva report is posted on Cash & Carry's entrance for customers to read.

Oiva is a publication system for food safety control results, coordinated by Evira. Municipal food inspectors assess the food hygiene and product safety for retail and service establishments and for other food premises and storehouses. The food safety control results for the wholesaling sector will be public from 2016 onwards.

There are four different Oiva smiley faces: excellent, good, to be corrected, and poor. The overall grade is based on the lowest grade given to the different sections. If grades from all other sections are excellent, but one grade is poor, the overall grade will be poor. To get an overall picture of the company's food safety, check all the grades and written remarks.

Oiva's aim is to make the results available for everyone, to unify control, and to increase the transparency of the activities of food business operators and authorities.

Find out more about the Oiva food safety control here 

Metro-pikatukuille Oiva-raportit