Electronic service channels

Our aim is to make purchasing easier by developing more user-friendly and diverse service channels. Our emetro.fi webstore and mobile ordering are at your service whenever you decide to order.

eMetro verkkokaupan tuotekortti

emetro.fi webstore

emetro.fi webstore provides our customers with a real-time channel for ordering and information. Ordering from the eMetro webstore is easy because of the versatile product search functions, visual product information, and product comparison. Once you have logged in to the eMetro webstore, you can make your own favourite listings and order templates, which makes placing orders in the future much faster. The emetro.fi webstore's chat function is a quick way to communicate with our customer service. Our webstore is available both in Finnish and in English.

Our webstore is open to all. If you are looking, for example, for information on the nutritional content of the products, you can find it in our emetro webstore. The best new and seasonal products chosen by our professionals as well as selection books tailored according to the needs of our different customer groups are at your easy disposal. For ordering, pricing and availability details, as well as to be able to see products requiring a license, you need to be logged in.

Find out more about the emetro.fi webstore here

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Order with iPhone and iPad

We are the first wholesaler of daily goods in Finland to make mobile ordering possible with Android and iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets.

Our customers are able to make orders with Android- and iPhone-smartphones and iPad-tablets.

Mobile ordering is easy, fast and affordable. You can use your smartphone's camera to scan the barcode of a product, or you can enter it manually. The app will tell you whether the product is available and what the sales batch is. When ordering for the first time, the app will ask you for the type of delivery (Cash & Carry, delivery sales or industry) and remember it in the future. You can also change the type of delivery if necessary.

Customers can order all of the products at the same time, and the app will send orders to different delivery types. We will deliver the products with the next possible delivery, unless the customer has specified a different date. You can save your order even if the phone isn't connected to a wireless network and send the order when you have a working connection.

Android application can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iPhone from App Store. For downloading you will need your Wihuri Oy Aarnio Metro's customer number and a pin code.


Do not hesitate to contact your own Sales Manager or Wholesale Manager for more information.