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Start Your Dream Restaurant E-service is Now Open!

Start Your Dream Restaurant is an e-service for new entrepreneurs that provides advice on the early stages of entrepreneurship from navigating the jungle of permits to marketing.

The life of a restaurant entrepreneur can be full of surprising twists and turns, paperwork that remains invisible to the dining room side, such as placing bulk orders, and planning business operations. The aim of Start Your Dream Restaurant is to walk alongside aspiring restaurateurs from the very beginning. Users can go through the full service path or choose the topics that interest them the most.

The service is divided into four service packages: how to get started, how to manage and develop, how to market and how to buy. The website guides the user along the service path and employs a light-hearted, game-like approach to balance the hard facts.

Start Your Dream Restaurant is available in eMetro to the customers of Wihuri’s Metro wholesale. As our customer, you can directly buy services related to e.g. kitchen management or marketing. We can help you turn your restaurant into a success story!

Start Your Dream Restaurant e-service is now open to everyone
– welcome to browse and find out more!


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