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Certfied Italian style filter coffee now available in Food Service packages

"The importance of responsibility in the coffee industry has been increasing, and we are proud that our Food service range has risen to this challenge: All Kulta Katriina and Segafredo filter coffees in our Food Service range are 100 % verified sustainable by a third party. And all of our coffee will be verified sustainable by a third party by 2022.

This Autumn our verified sustainable Food service range will be expanding with the Italian style premium filter coffees Segafredo Pausa and Segafredo Biondo,” says Meira’s Customer marketing manager Susanna Koroma-Nyström, who is in charge of the Food Service marketing.


Delightful Italian style Segafredo premium filter coffees

Segafredo Pausa is a top quality, faceted dark roasted filter coffee. It has particularly strong character and a multi-layered flavour. With its complex aromas it appeals to the fans of dark filter coffee. Segafredo Pausa’s carefully selected coffee beans come from East Africa, Central and South America. The roast level is 4.

Segafredo Biondo is a light roasted filter coffee with fruity and aromatic hints of typical Italian flavour. Segafredo Biondo appeals to even the most discerning of coffee enthusiasts. Its coffee beans hail from the Rainforest Alliance certified plantations in Honduras and Vietnam. The roast of the coffee pays homage to Italian roasting tradition whilst retaining a light roast level (2) and a fruity flavour.


All Food Service Kulta Katriina coffees verified sustainable 

The Meira Food Service coffee selection includes a wide range of high quality, sustainably sourced and produced coffees for its’ main brand, Kulta Katriina. Kulta Katriina Perinteinen and Tumma paahto are made from 100 % sustainable raw coffee verified by a third party (UTZ, Rainforest Alliance). Kulta Katriina Reilu is a high quality, light roasted Fair Trade coffee.  

”Starting this Autumn, Kulta Katriina Luomu and Kulta Katriina Luomu Tumma paahto, as well as being ecologically produced and certified, will also have UTZ certification”, Susanna Koroma-Nyström continues.

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